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Introducing Asim Recycling

Your very own Metal Supplier in Finland

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Made in Finland

Everything that you need.


Recycling Solutions

Reliable solutions just for you and your company

We provide recycling solutions to your ser and make sure that the materials will be re-used in the future.
Our experts in Asim Recycling always provide quality result, always in time.

Material Sales

Quality products made for you

When you buy our products, you will be ensured fast delivery and quality products.
Our services are very cost-effective and environmental-friendly, so your products are made in good hands.
We tend to aim for long-lasting relationships with our customers, that is why we always give 100% to every service or product made under the name of Asim Recycling.

Our Company

We are here for you

We are a customer-focused, pioneering, environmentally friendly provider of recycling services with an international track record. A passion for the deeper understanding of materials and recycling drives our innovations and helps us develop more efficient recycling solutions. We strive to be unconditionally ethical and transparent in everything that we do ‒ and this makes us a reliable partner.

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Tikinmaankatu 13, 37630 Valkeakoski

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